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Mrs. Geetha Rathnakumar




Residential Turnkey Interior Designing Services



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Client being an elderly woman, wanted to have a budget-friendly interior, so a modernized yet traditional living room interior was designed with cassette air condition installed in her living room for adequate air circulation. A semi-modernized false ceiling was designed within the living room area. Baywindow was also retained with sofa placement and a niche was created for family photos as well. Client was very specific with regard to exterior styles as well as interiors, and wanted to have a good looking entrance along with other in-house interiors. So a grand looking ceiling with pop lights and a single large doorframe was used so as to give a warm reception to friends and relatives entering the home. The old arch was renovated with finish of Veneer with brass combination to renovate into a new one, yet maintaining the design consistency with the other renovated interiors.

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